Newt Gingrich for Congress (2008)

Newt Gingrich for Congress (2008)

Bus Tour Volunteer

Florida House of Representatives (2005-06), Intern

Florida House of Representatives (2005-2006)

Committees Assigned To:

  • Domestic Security
  • Ethics & Elections
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Governmental Operations

Office of U.S. Congressman Vern Buchanan, Capitol Hill Office (2007 to 2009)

Director of Digital Media

Legislative Assistant, Committees Assigned:

  • Veterans Affairs (Committee Assignment)
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Immigration
  • Judicial (2nd Amendment, Crime, Drugs, DOJ)
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Government Affairs (Campaign Finance, Ethics & Elections)
  • Social Issues
  • Housing
  • Postal
  • Indian Affairs

Vern Buchanan for Congress (2008)

Political Director

Office of U.S. Congressman Vern Buchanan, District Office (2009 to 2011)

Director of Digital Media

Caseworker. Issues Assigned: Immigration & Housing

Scott Brown for U.S. Senate (2010)

Deployed Communications Team

Vern Buchanan for Congress (2010)

Digital Media Director


Republican Party of Sarasota County (2010 to 2011)

Executive Director

Rick Santorum for President (2012)

Digital Media Team Member

Republican National Convention, Volunteer (2012)

Elected State Committeeman for Sarasota County (2012)

FloridaGOP Digital Committee, Vice Chairman (2012 to 2014)

Bridget Ziegler for Sarasota County School Board (2014)

FloridaGOP State Committeemen & State Committeewomen's Caucus, Vice-Chairman (2014)

FloridaGOP Digital Committee, Chairman (2014 to 2016)

Programs Include:

  • Head of Politics for Facebook
  • Head of Politics for Twitter
  • Head of Politics for Google
  • Digital Director for Adam Putnam’s Agriculture Race
  • Training for how to leverage Facebook to target the voter file
  • Webelect Owner/CEO hosted training

FloridaGOP State Committeemen & State Committeewomen's Caucus, Chairman (2014 to 2016)



Delegate to the Republican National Convention - Cleveland (2016)

Member of the Electoral College - Florida (2016)

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