Republican Party of Florida Chairman Blaise Ingoglia on Saturday selected the 15 delegates and 15 alternates chosen as at-large delegates who had yet to be determined to be part of the state’s contingent of  99 delegates that will represent the Sunshine State at the Republican National Convention:

They include former Miami-Dade Rep. Adam Hasner, who worked on U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign; incoming House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who campaigned for former Gov. Jeb Bush in New Hampshire; and Senate President Joe Negron, who also endorsed Bush.

Donald Trump won the Florida GOP presidential primary last month, and all 99 pledged delegates are bound to vote for him at the party’s convention in Cleveland in July.

“Electing a president is never easy, but our party is strong, focused, and ready,” said Ingoglia. “We have made incredible gains in the past year that outpace the Florida Democrats’ best efforts, and I know every single member of our party is prepared to keep up the hard work to ensure we are successful in November.”

Here’s the entire list:

Automatic Delegates

RPOF Chairman:                           Blaise Ingoglia

Ntl. Committeewoman:                 Sharon Day

Ntl. Committeeman:                      Peter Feaman

At-Large Delegates

Brian Ballard

Majority Leader LizBeth Benacquisto

Robin Bernstein

Speaker-designate Richard Corcoran

Mayor Lenny Curry

Jeffrey Feingold

Adam Hasner

Belinda Keiser

Frmr. U.S. Sen. George LeMieux

Congressman Jeff Miller

Senate President Joe Negron

Speaker-DD Jose Oliva

Mike Barnett

Nancy Watkins

Susie Wiles

At-large Alternates

Rep. Jason Brodeur

Cynthia Crowe

Ron Howse

John Falconetti

Barbara Feingold

Janet Glassman

Karen Harrington

Scott Hoppes

Julie Ingoglia

Fred Karlinsky

William Lasky

Susan Moore

Mitzi Prater

George Scarborough

Robert Wakins

CD 1

Delegate 1          Martin Simmons

Delegate 2          Charlotte Flynt

Delegate 3          Tim Norris

Alternate 1         Dorothy Davis

Alternate 2         Sam Mullins

Alternate 3         Jeremy Evans

CD 2

Delegate 1          Clint Pate

Delegate 2          Evan Power

Delegate 3          Thelma Rohan

Alternate 1         Bill Helmich

Alternate 2         S. Curtis Kiser

Alternate 3         James Wyckoff

CD 3

Delegate 1         Layne Schultetus

Delegate 2          Kay Durden

Delegate 3          Sherri Ortega

Alternate 1         Delores Lansford

Alternate 2         Sherrie McKnight

Alternate 3         Sally Beach

CD 4

Delegate 1          Cindy Graves

Delegate 2          Lake Ray

Delegate 3          Ander Crenshaw

Alternate 1         Danny Norton

Alternate 2         Charles Cordes

Alternate 3         Alexander Pantinakis

CD 5

Delegate 1          Patty Redlich

Delegate 2          Mike Cribby

Delegate 3          Clarence Allen

Alternate 1         Thuy Lowe

Alternate 2         Gloreatha Scurry-Smith

Alternate 3         Caleb Spencer

CD 6

Delegate 1          Tony Ledbetter

Delegate 2          Bill Korach

Delegate 3          Alan Burton

Alternate 1         Jospeh Fieldus

Alternate 2         Paul Porter

Alternate 3         Stuart Epperson

CD 7

Delegate 1          Al Schwarz

Delegate 2          Ray Valdes

Delegate 3          Dana Dougherty

Alternate 1         Kathy Gibson

Alternate 2         Wade Vose

Alternate 3         Phil Kaprow

CD 8

Delegate 1          Carlie Rogers

Delegate 2          Barbara Davis

Delegate 3          Lew Oliver

Alternate 1         Richard Lacey

Alternate 2         Joseph Semprevivo

Alternate 3         Carole Jean Jordan

CD 9

Delegate 1          Rich Crotty

Delegate 2          Tammy Celeste

Delegate 3          Mark Cross

Alternate 1         Ruth Coberley

Alternate 2         Bertica Cabrera-Morris

Alternate 3         Chadwick Hardee

CD 10

Delegate 1          Jim Guth

Delegate 2          Wendy West

Delegate 3          Mark Oxner

Alternate 1         Robbie Ford

Alternate 2         Ronald Janssen

Alternate 3         Patricia Sullivan

CD 11

Delegate 1          Mike Moberley

Delegate 2          Darilyn Dolimpio

Delegate 3          Daniel Wright

Alternate 1         Sandy Balfour

Alternate 2         Lucy Sullivan

Alternate 3         Ana Trinque

CD 12

Delegate 1          Sandy Graves

Delegate 2          Tina Harris

Delegate 3          Chris Sprowls

Alternate 1         Steve Graves

Alternate 2         Pam McAloon

Alternate 3         Mary Gaulden

CD 13

Delegate 1          Nancy Riley

Delegate 2          Dan Tucker

Delegate 3          Nick DiCeglie

Alternate 1         Todd Jennings

Alternate 2         Dorine McKinnon

Alternate 3         Chely Hernandez-Miller

CD 14

Delegate 1          Terry Castro

Delegate 2          Marjorie Mittleman

Delegate 3          Spencer Rogers

Alternate 1         James Buntyn

Alternate 2         Tony DeSisto

Alternate 3         Mike Mikurak

CD 15

Delegate 1          Debbie Hannifan

Delegate 2          Tina Pike

Delegate 3          Dena DeCamp

Alternate 1         Tony Jackson

Alternate 2         Judith Wise

Alternate 3         Mark Proctor

CD 16

Delegate 1          Kathy King

Delegate 2          Joe Gruters

Delegate 3          Christian Ziegler

Alternate 1         David Matthews

Alternate 2         Donna Hayes

Alternate 3         John Colon

CD 17

Delegate 1          Bill Folchi

Delegate 2          Jimmy Nelson

Delegate 3          Kathy Rapp

Alternate 1         Jane Sturges

Alternate 2         Allen Goldstein

Alternate 3         Natalie Schmidt

CD 18

Delegate 1          Bill Paterson

Delegate 2          Mary Ann Russell

Delegate 3          Don Pickard

Alternate 1         Darlene Fuggetta

Alternate 2         Julie Paterson

Alternate 3         Linda Stoch

CD 19

Delegate 1          Mike Lyster

Delegate 2          Jonathan Martin

Delegate 3          Lisa Musial

Alternate 1         Rosealie Lesser

Alternate 2         Jesse Purdon

Alternate 3         Mike Hook

CD 20

Delegate 1          Rico Petrocelli

Delegate 2          Roger Gingerich

Delegate 3          Daniel Diaz

Alternate 1         Patrick Castronovo

Alternate 2         Terrance O’Loughlin

Alternate 3         Camille Petrocelli

CD 21

Delegate 1          Bob Sutton

Delegate 2          Maureen Jaeger

Delegate 3          Tami Donnally

Alternate 1         Marion Frank

Alternate 2         Jay Goldfarb

Alternate 3         Richard Eddins

CD 22

Delegate 1          Cindy Tindell

Delegate 2          Ed Pozzuoli

Delegate 3          Gay Gaines

Alternate 1         Mike Barnett

Alternate 2         Sue Snowden

Alternate 3         Al Massey

CD 23

Delegate 1          Sanjay Narang

Delegate 2          Corey Brier

Delegate 3          Eric Shure

Alternate 1         Richard DeNapoli

Alternate 2         Kevin Cooper

Alternate 3         Florine Goldfarb

CD 24

Delegate 1          Jessica Fernandez

Delegate 2          Kelly Mallette

Delegate 3          Stephanie Woodard

Alternate 1         Uri Benhamron

Alternate 2         Nikita Mizgirev

Alternate 3         Steve Karski

CD 25

Delegate 1          Steve Nisbet

Delegate 2          Margie Nelson

Delegate 3          Carlos Trujillo

Alternate 1         Manny Diaz

Alternate 2         Doug Harrison

Alternate 3         Doug Rankin

CD 26

Delegate 1          Carey Goodman

Delegate 2          Alex Trujillo

Delegate 3          Jeanette Nunez

Alternate 1         Jose Felix Diaz

Alternate 2         Harry Hoffman

Alternate 3         Debby Goodman

CD 27

Delegate 1          Nelson Diaz

Delegate 2          Liliana Ros

Delegate 3          Bernie Navarro

Alternate 1         Rey Lastre

Alternate 2         Rudolfo Milani

Alternate 3         Marili Cancio


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