It’s Election Day on the Suncoast and nationwide. Many key races will be decided including the heated presidential race.


“Whether you vote for Hillary or whether you vote for Trump, I just want you to vote,” said Sondra Laroche, a Trump supporter.


It’s no secret who Laroche is voting for. A large crowd of Trump supporters lined up on U.S. 41 at Bayfront Park in Sarasota, this on the heels of a visit from the presidential candidate earlier in the day.


At the Sarasota County Democratic Headquarters, a few miles down the road, it’s been a busy time for all the volunteers and workers.


“We have a lot of people here who are making calls and we’re getting a lot of calls from the community also,” said Dr. David Harvey, a volunteer for the Sarasota County Democratic Party.


Sarasota County’s Republican State Committeeman Christian Ziegler says he and his party are optimistic about election day, from the the top of the ticket all the way down.


“I’m expecting Sarasota to deliver a big victory for Donald Trump,” said Ziegler, “and I think Florida will go Donald Trump and then he’ll end up winning the election.”


The Democrats say not so fast. They are feeling really good about their presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as well as all of their state and local candidates. They say they are going to keep working until the polls close Tuesday night.


“We’re going to keep knocking on doors, making those telephone calls,” said Joanne DeVries, a Democratic State Committeewoman for Sarasota County, “we just don’t want to take anything for granted but we’re feeling really positive.”


Right now the presidential race in Florida is neck and neck, while Clinton has about a four point lead in most national polls. Palmetto resident and Trump supporter Bill Sappo and his wife will be happy when this election is finally over with, but they understand the significance of this year’s election.


“My wife has been on the internet and the iphone 24/7 trying to follow everything,” said Sappo, “it’s a critical, critical time in our country.”


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