Governor Rick Scott Steps Up To Ensure Proper Justice For Pregnant Woman & Cop Killing Thug

While there is a lot of (deserved) frustration with our elected leaders, we must always remember to recognize elected officials who do a great job and tonight, I’m asking for your help to do just that.

Earlier today, Liberal State Attorney Aramis Ayala (who received campaign assistance to the tune of almost $1 million from George Soros) stated that due to her opposition to the death penalty, she was not going to pursue the death penalty against Markeith Loyd who killed not only his pregnant girlfriend and the child she was carrying, but then murdered an Orlando police officer execution style. If anyone has ever deserved the death penalty, this disgusting thug does.

Following the State Attorney’s ridiculous statement that she would not follow the law and ensure proper justice, Florida Governor Rick Scott refused to accept her reasoning, quickly removed her from the case and then used his executive authority to reassign the case to a special prosecutor.

THIS is leadership and just another reason why our Governor deserves KUDOS from Floridians.

Next week, I will be visiting with the Governor and what better way to greet him than with a stack of responses from Floridians giving him kudos for his leadership on this issue? 

Please click here to submit a message to the Governor and I will personally deliver it to him next week. 

Christian Ziegler, State Committeeman

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