Providing The Best Education For Each Individual Child

Get The Federal Government Out Of Education


Promote School Choice

Empower Families & Students

Hire & Keep The Best Teachers

Illegal Aliens Flock To Florida

Six states account for over 59% of illegal aliens – California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and yes, Florida.

Press 2 For English

English is NOT the official language of the United States of America

Illegal Alien Gangs

92% of arrested MS-13 gang members are in the country illegally

Illegal Aliens Are Dangerous

32 year old American Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal alien who had 7 previous felony convictions and was facing his 6th deportation

Cities Ignoring Laws

There are nearly 500 jurisdictions considered sanctuary cities

Sanctuary Counties?

There are 3 “Sanctuary Counties” in Florida – Alachua, and Clay and Hernando Counties

Principles & Priorities

Providing Opportunity & A Future For Every Single Child

I’m a product product of incredible public schools. As a child, I was zoned to attend a failed Elementary School in my low income area, but was fortunate to have access to school choice and a means (my grandfather) to get me there. Had I gone to the failed school I was zoned for, I’m not sure where I would be today. Then, in 4th grade, I moved into one of the best school districts in the state and had access to a first class education and the future opportunities I took advantage of simply because of where I was lucky to have lived.

My situation is one many children in America do not have the fortunate opportunity¬†to take advantage of. That’s not fair and we must do all that we can to level the playing field for the current and future generation of students working to become more successful than the generation before them. We can do this by empowering families & students with school choice and assistance to attend better schools and/or educational programs that they may not be zoned to, but that best fit their individual needs.

Importance Of School Choice

Source: Prager University

  • Increase access to school choice.
  • Transfer control of the local School Boards from the Teachers Union to the citizens they serve.
  • Expose and replace “Failure Factory Schools” with better schools and options for students.
  • Hire and retain the most committed, intelligent, energized, driven, and respected teachers.
  • Focus on local control of the education system, allowing parents & taxpayers to have direct influence and input.

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