The Second Amendment

Making The Individual More Safe, Secure & Free

Protect The Individual Right To Keep & Bare Arms

Support National Reciprocity

Remove Many Gun Free Zones

Support Stand Your Ground

Gun Ownership Makes Us Safer

As gun ownership has risen to an all-time high, the nation’s total violent crime rate has fallen to a 44-year low and the murder rate has fallen to an all-time low

More Guns In Florida = Less Crime

With gun ownership at all-time highs, the crime rate in Florida is at a 45 year low.

Guns Saving Lives

Guns are used over 2.5 million times each year for self-defense

Principles & Priorities

Securing Our Country & Punishing Law Breakers

The legal immigration process is an opportunity for us to pick and choose our citizens. With hundreds of millions of individuals across the world begging to get into our country, we should leverage our immigrations system to welcome those who are the cream of the crop.  We should start by imposing strict criteria that focuses on welcoming those who are highly education and/or highly skilled, self sufficient, and committed to assimilating into our culture.

As for addressing illegal immigration, I always ask this question – If a pipe were to burst in your home, do you grab a mop and start mopping or would you fix the leaky pipe first? Of course you’d seal the leaky pipe first and that’s exactly why the first step of the illegal immigration issue must be to secure our borders! Only after we fully secure the borders can have a legitimate discussion about how to handle the millions of law breaking illegal aliens who have entered our country illegally.

Beating Back Gun Myths
With Real Facts

  • Fully secure our the southern border (1,989 miles long) with an impenetrable wall.
  • No amnesty for law-breaking illegal aliens.
  • No in-state tuition for illegal aliens, which gives preference over other Americans living in other states.
  • We must pass “Kate’s Law” in order to punish those who have shown a continuous disregard of our nation’s laws.
  • Institute a merit-based legal immigration system that gives preference to the best & brightest.

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