National Security & Terrorism

Protecting Our Homeland

We Must Admit Radical Islam Is The Problem

Support The Temporary Travel Ban

Extreme Vetting For Terror Breeding Areas

Eliminate ISIS

Europe Under Invasion

At least 5,000-6,000 Europeans who fought alongside ISIS and other Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq have since returned to their countries of origin (Heritage Foundation)

Britian Packed With Threats

Over 23,000 terror suspects are feared to be living in Britan

Just 19 terrorists carried out the September 11th attacks which killed almost 3,000 people

Principles & Priorities

Defining & Eliminating The Threats

Terrorism is a threat to every single American and our American way of life. We must be diligent in not only defining the threat for what it really is – Radical Islam – but expending any and all resources necessary to eliminate Radical Islam from the face of the planet.

Sure, on a map the oceans to our left and right may look like a great barrier of protection, but if we allow terrorists to come into the country under the guise of refugee or legal immigrant status, they will quickly exploit that weakness and the oceans will not stand in the way of their desire to import jihad into the United States. This is why we must put into place safeguards for our homeland such as preventing the entrance of foreign nationals, especially from terror breeding grounds, until we are able to fully vet each person seeking entrance into our country while also taking the fight to them until Radical Islam is eliminated.

Discussing The Need To
Eliminate Radical Islam

Discussing featuring Jan Schneider, former Democratic Candidate for Congress & Yale Law Graduate.

  • Let’s not be afraid to define the problem – It’s Radical Islam.
  • Fully vet any individual coming into the United States, especially from terror breeding grounds.
  • Expend every resource and leverage every ally needed to eliminate ISIS.
  • Redirect refugees from areas that foster cultures of hate against the United States towards countries they are less likely to target, but are still able to get help from.
  • Institute a merit-based legal immigration system that gives preference to the best & brightest.

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