Members dined at the Longboat Key Club Harbourside Ballroom and listened to Christian Ziegler speak.

The Republican Club of Longboat Key held its first meeting of the season Oct. 5. Guests enjoyed a reception before dinner at the Longboat Key Club Harbourside Ballroom. White Oaks Investment Management sponsored the meeting.
As of the start of the meeting, the club had 163 registered members, Joe McElmeel, the group’s president, said.
The featured speaker, State Committeeman for the Republican Party of Florida Christian Ziegler, spoke on “It’s not just about Trump vs. Clinton. There is much more at stake. Our Republican values and way of life are at risk.”
Armando Linde pointed out that Sarasota Area County Transit will offer rides to polling places on Election Day, Nov. 8, for those who are disabled. Registration is required. Forms are at Fare is $2.50 each way.


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